Kate Middleton’s Playful Revelation: “I’m Definitely Not Strict!

During a delightful garden party at Buckingham Palace, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was engaged in a playful chat with 93-year-old guest Aldith Grandison and her daughter, Jay Cee La Bouche.

The topic of discussion? Which parent is the “strict” one in their household?

Amid laughter, Kate humorously confessed that she’s “terrible at jokes,” while her husband, Prince William, excels at cracking puns.

Grandison playfully labeled the Duchess as “the strict one,” Kate jokingly responded with mock astonishment, “I’m not strict! How can you tell that? Surely not!”

In February, Kate emphasized that every family faces different pressures and challenges while raising children.

She highlighted the importance of early childhood support, acknowledging the difficulties families encounter in prioritizing family and home life.

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