Kate Middleton’s Discreet Meeting Amid Royal Backlash Over UK Military Veterans’ Snub

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the Royal family’s perceived indifference towards UK military veterans during the Invictus Games, Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, discreetly conducted a meeting at Windsor Castle.

The meeting, focused on Early Years initiatives, marked her second engagement of the week.

While the Royal family faces backlash for their apparent neglect of British Armed Forces veterans participating in the Invictus Games, Kate Middleton quietly carried out her duties.

The Court Circular confirmed the event but kept the details under wraps.

The athletes and veterans competing in the games expressed dissatisfaction with the Royal family’s behaviour.

Many believe that the family should prioritize their support for the veterans over their ongoing rift with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which some describe as “petty” in comparison.

Critics have described the palace’s response as “mean-spirited and petty,” and media strategists have criticized the firm for their seemingly inadequate acknowledgement of the German event.

Although Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games, Prince William and Kate Middleton played a significant role in the event’s early stages, making their recent detachment from it all the more striking.

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