Kate Middleton’s Critic Faces Backlash Over Appearance Mockery

Former Vogue editor, Suzy Menkes, faced an unexpected backlash over her recent criticism of Kate Middleton. Menkes invited an expert to discuss the Duchess’s outfits and jewelry on her podcast “Creative Conversations.”

During the conversation, Menkes referred to Kate as a disappointment in her approach to jewelry while praising Queen Camilla.

However, shortly after Daily Mail published the story about the podcast, many of Kate’s fans took to social media to mock Menkes over her appearance. Multiple accounts shared photos of the veteran journalist and made derisive comments.

A royal observer remarked that this social media mockery mirrors what Meghan and Harry’s fans, known as the “Sussex Squad,” have done in the past to British journalists who wrote about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Kate and Prince William’s recent activities have seemingly divided royal experts and supporters. The couple has faced accusations of attempting to upstage King Charles and Queen Camilla by implementing a new communications strategy.

Kate has also been featured on multiple magazine covers in recent months, though it remains unclear if she had any involvement in the media coverage.

Critics of the Princess claim that Kensington Palace’s communications team is behind the new strategy.

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