Kate Middleton Bridges the Gap between Prince Harry and Buckingham Palace

In a revelation that sheds light on her significant role within the royal family, Kate Middleton has been referred to as the “glue” that holds the relationship between Prince Harry and Buckingham Palace together.

Valentine Low, author of the book Courtier, shared this insight during an interview on the Scandal Mongers Podcast.

She has low emphasized how Kate reassures the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry.

Throughout their time as brothers-in-law, Kate has often taken on the role of a peacemaker, striving to foster harmony between the two princes.

This role as a mediator has become increasingly crucial for Kate since her marriage to Prince William.

Her efforts to bridge the gap between the brothers have been evident, particularly after the funeral of Prince Philip, where she played a pivotal role in bringing the siblings together.

Valentine Low acknowledged Kate’s peacemaking qualities: “She was often the peacemaker, or tried to be the peacemaker, with Harry.”

He further highlighted the significance of her actions after Prince Philip’s funeral, where she orchestrated a moment of unity between the brothers.

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