Kate Middleton and Prince William Face Backlash Over Entry Fees

The opening of Adventure Play, a new children’s playground at Windsor Great Park, became a hot topic of debate as the entry fees took aback parents.

The public playground opened its doors on July 11, but parents were shocked to discover that they would have to pay £12-£16 for a two-hour playtime session for their kids.

Local parents took to social media to express their frustration, blaming the Prince and Princess of Wales for what they perceived as “overcharging.”

Adding fuel to the fire was that the park is close to the couple’s residence at Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor Castle grounds.

One Instagram user criticized the pricing, highlighting the cost-of-living crisis and suggesting that the King subsidize the playground.

Another expressed concern about the lack of consideration for struggling families.

In response to the mounting backlash, a royal spokesperson clarified that the park is managed by Windsor Great Park, not directly by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

They defended the pricing, explaining that it was based on feedback from testing sessions.

The fees were set to limit visitor numbers during each session, ensuring a relaxed and uncrowded guest experience.

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