Jon Voight Calls Out Angelina Jolie for Her Stance on Middle East Conflict

In a recent family drama that’s making headlines, Hollywood actor Jon Voight has publicly criticized his daughter, renowned actress Angelina Jolie, for her stance on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Angelina Jolie, aged 48, had previously spoken out against the military’s actions in the region, calling for an “immediate ceasefire” and condemning what she saw as attacks on Arab civilians.

Her passionate plea was based on her experiences as a former special envoy for the UN High Commission for Refugees, where she witnessed the devastating effects of war on innocent families.

Jon Voight took to social media to express his disappointment with his daughter’s perspective. In a video message, he questioned her understanding of “God’s honor” and “God’s truths.” His public rebuke highlighted the deep division within their family on this issue.

The “Salt” actress, known for her humanitarian work, had accused the military of violating international law, specifically by targeting children, women, and families. In response, Jon defended the country involved in the conflict, asserting that it deeply cares for its citizens, emphasizing their love and unity, which he believed the opposition failed to comprehend.

In his video, Jon went on to suggest that Angelina‘s support for the affected people indirectly backed those who “want to annihilate the land of the Jews.” He concluded his statement by expressing his belief that “justice will prevail” and called on Angelina to reconsider her stance on the geopolitical crisis.

This public feud within the Voight-Jolie family has raised questions about the complexities of geopolitics, family dynamics, and the role of celebrities in global issues. The clash of opinions between Jon and Angelina serves as a reminder that even within families, differing viewpoints on major global events can lead to emotional and public disagreements.

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