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Jessica Lord, an English-Canadian actress and dancer, is best recognized for her roles in “The Next Step” and “Find Me in Paris”. Born in Rochdale, England, in 1998, Jessica Lord net worth was boosted to $6 Million in 2023. Lord’s journey is awe-inspiring, with a talent spanning across dance, acting, and singing.


In today’s entertainment world, some names stand out more because of their wide range of skills and unforgettable acts. One of these stars is English-Canadian actor and dancer Jessica Lord, whose skill has wowed audiences worldwide and cemented her place in the entertainment business. Jessica was born in Rochdale, England, but has lived most of her life in Canada. Her artistic journey is as varied and rich as her background. Notably, by 2023, her hard work and commitment had paid off, and she had a net worth of $6 Million, which shows her success. This blog post will detail Jessica Lord’s life, showing how she went from being a young dancer in England to a famous actress known worldwide. Come with us as we peel back the layers of Jessica’s job, her personal life, and the story behind her huge net worth.

Quick Bio

Full NameJessica Jane Lord
Nick NameJessica Lord
Date of Birth29 July 1998
Age25 years
Height157 cm (5 Feet 2 Inches
Weight52 Kg (144 lbs)
BirthplaceRochdale, United Kingdom
Jessica Lord Net Worth$6 Million
Yearly IncomeOver $100,000
Social AccountInstagram, TikTok, Twiter
EducationO’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute; Centennial College Theatre Arts and Performance
Eye ColourGreenish Blue
PartnerMatt Rife

Early Life

Jessica Jane Lord, whose name is now linked to beauty and skill, began her journey through life on July 29, 1998, in the historic English town of Rochdale. This beautiful place, known for its long history, was where Jessica’s interests began to grow. But things took a different turn for her; when she was only six years old, Jessica and her family left their home in England to live in the busy city of Toronto, Canada.

Jessica Lord Net Worth Life Career and Biography2
Source: Instagram

Even though this move across the Atlantic was big, it also opened up chances that would shape Jessica’s future. Jessica started to love dance more when she moved to Canada. She had a clear desire to dance since she was four years old, even before she moved to Canada. Canada, with its rich culture tapestry, gave her the chance to learn more about different types of dance. She worked hard at her training and learned how to do everything from classical ballet to energetic hip hop and from rhythmic jazz to complex tap. She learned how to dance well and set the stage for future work in the performing arts by getting involved in dance at a young age.

Acting Career

But even though Jessica Lord’s first love was dance, she quickly became an actress. Soon, her acting skills and versatility led her to the big screen, and the Canadian TV show “The Next Step” gave her the right chance to show what she could do. Jessica appeared on the show in 2015, appearing in four episodes. But her performance was so powerful that by 2017, she was added to the main cast and given the part of Lola. She was a regular on the show for three years, and fans looked forward to each episode.

Jessica Lord Net Worth Life Career and Biography1
Source: Instagram

While Jessica became famous, the Hulu show “Find Me in Paris” made her famous. In 2018, she was given the lead part of Lena Grisky, a young ballerina from Chicago who goes to Paris on an unexpected trip. The story took place at the famous École des Arts de Paris and showed Jessica’s dancer and actress skills. It was a story that charmed people all over the world. Soon, critics were there, and many praised how she played Lena. This love peaked in 2020 when Jessica was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series. This was a great honour for her work.

Jessica’s artistic reach went beyond these notable parts and into other entertainment business areas. She helped make many short films, and each part she played left an indelible mark. She used her dance and acting skills to make music videos come to life, and they felt like they were touched by her magic.

Music Endeavors

Jessica Lord’s accomplishments in dance and singing have gotten her a lot of attention, but her move into music shows another side of her artistic skill. It turns out that Jessica is beautiful on screen, has a beautiful voice, and can write songs that connect people.

Jessica Lord Net Worth Life Career and Biography0
Source: Instagram

She could sing and write songs that weren’t just personal thoughts or performances behind the scenes. These ideas became real when Jessica released her first song, “Hearts Don’t Lie,” in 2021. It showed the world her musical tastes. This song was more than just a track; it was a message that brought together her feelings, experiences, and journey in the entertainment business. Fans looked personally into Jessica’s musical soul through her heartfelt words and soulful voice.

Hearts Don’t Lie” proved that Jessica is a versatile artist and hinted at how big of a deal she could be in the music business. As she continues exploring this area, this bright English-Canadian star will surely come up with more hit songs and lyrics that will move people.

Jessica Lord Net Worth (2023)

Jessica Lord Net Worth Life Career and Biography
Source: Instagram

As of 2023, Jessica Lord net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Physical Statistics

In the entertainment business, looks are often just as important as ability, so Jessica Lord’s striking good looks stand out. She is 157 centimetres tall, about 5 feet 2 inches, and has a beauty that goes well with her jobs as an actress and a dancer. Her weight, 52 kilograms, which is about 114 pounds, is a good example of how dedicated she is to keeping a body that works with her busy job.

This harmony isn’t just due to genetics; it has much to do with how busy Jessica is. Dance is something she has been interested in since she was very young. It requires skill, ease, and a lot of physical fitness. For Jessica to be good at ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap dance, she has had to work on her strength, stamina, and speed over the years.

Jessica Lord Net Worth Life Career and Biography90
Source: Instagram

Jessica’s interest in hiking, swimming, yoga, and other physical hobbies besides dance shows that she takes a whole-person approach to health. Due to her active lifestyle, she stays in great shape, which lets her play challenging parts, do difficult dance routines, and stay healthy overall.

Jessica’s body measurements are more than just numbers; they show her dedication to her job and understanding of how physical health and success are connected. Jessica’s dedication to her health is admirable and inspiring in a field where people are always being watched.

Personal Details

Jessica Lord is just as interesting when she’s not in the spotlight or front of the camera. Even though her full name is Jessica Jane Lord, most people know her as “Jessica Lord.” Fans and peers alike often call her that.

One thing that makes Jessica stand out is her beautiful greenish-blue eyes, which often show how she feels before she says a word. Her blonde hair with this outfit has become a signature part of her look, whether she’s walking the red carpet or getting into character for a role.

Jessica Lord Net Worth Life Career and Biography5
Source: Instagram

Jessica attended school at the well-known O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute and did well in her classes. She also went to the Centennial College Theatre Arts and Performance program, which helped her love of the arts grow and was a big part of making her the artist she is today.

Jessica was born under the sign of Leo, and she has many qualities that come with that sign. She’s proud, active, and naturally knows how to lead and attract audiences, whether on stage or in a movie.

When we look into Jessica’s personal life, we see that her family has been a big part of her story. Amanda, her mother, has been a rock of support for her through the good times and bad in the show business. Regarding love, Jessica has been tied to Matt Rife, which adds another layer to her life outside of TV.

Social Media Presence

In this digital age, social media sites often strengthen the bond between celebs and their fans. These sites give artists like Jessica Lord a way to share information about their personal lives and work with their fans and give them a chance to talk to their fans directly.

Out of all the social media sites she uses, Jessica is most active on Instagram. She can share bits and pieces of her daily life, behind-the-scenes moments from her projects, and even sneak peeks at her interests and hobbies on this visual platform. Jessica’s Instagram allows fans to interact with her posts, leave comments, and feel more connected to the star. [Note: The information given said there was a straight link to her Instagram, but it wasn’t given. Ensure to include a link to her picture for people who want to check out her Instagram page.

Unfortunately, Jessica Lord doesn’t seem to be very active on social media right now. She has no public accounts on Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, or Facebook. She may be picky because she wants to keep her public and private lives in balance or because she wants to focus on the platforms where she feels most connected with her fans.


From the cobblestone streets of Rochdale to the bright lights of world fame, Jessica Lord’s story is one of love, hard work, and undeniable talent. She is good at many things, like dancing, acting, singing, and making songs. These skills have made her stand out in the entertainment business and with fans worldwide. In 2023, Jessica Lord net worth is $6 Million, which shows that her hard work and commitment have paid off, both in terms of praise and money. But behind the numbers and awards is a woman who is truly dedicated to her art, a performer who is always changing, and an artist who is always looking for ways to connect with and inspire others. Jessica Lord’s star is shining and blazing a path for many others to follow as we look at the paths of her life, work, and experience.


Who is Jessica Lord?

Jessica Jane Lord is an English-Canadian actress, dancer, singer, and songwriter. She’s widely recognized for her roles in TV series like “The Next Step” and “Find Me in Paris.”

What is Jessica Lord net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Jessica Lord net worth is estimated at $6 Million.

When and where was Jessica Lord born?

Jessica Lord was born on July 29, 1998, in Rochdale, England.

Has Jessica Lord received any awards or nominations for her acting?

Yes, she was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series in 2020, among other accolades.

What was Jessica’s debut in the acting world?

Jessica made her acting debut in the Canadian television series “The Next Step” in 2015.

Is Jessica Lord active on social media?

Yes, Jessica Lord has a presence on Instagram. However, as per the provided data, she doesn’t have publicly known accounts on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, or Facebook.

Where did Jessica Lord attend her education?

Jessica attended the O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute and later pursued Theatre Arts and Performance at Centennial College.

What is Jessica’s height and weight?

Jessica Lord is 157 centimetres (approximately 5 feet 2 inches) and weighs about 52 kilograms (114 pounds).

Does Jessica Lord have a music career?

Yes, Jessica is also a talented singer and songwriter, apart from her acting and dancing. She released her debut single, “Hearts Don’t Lie,” in 2021.

Where did Jessica Lord grow up?

While she was born in Rochdale, England, Jessica moved to Toronto, Canada, with her family when she was six years old and spent most of her formative years there.

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