Jennie of Blackpink Opens Up About Health Struggles and “Lazy” Dancing Criticism

In a candid conversation on Dua Lipa’s podcast, “Dua Lipa: At Your Service,” K-pop sensation Jennie from Blackpink finally addresses the persistent criticism labeling her as a “lazy” dancer over the years.

Acknowledging the accusations surrounding her dancing during the group’s Born Pink World Tour, Jennie candidly discusses her health struggles.

She reveals, “Throughout the pandemic and even now, I have learned to take care of my body and discovered a lot about myself, my health, and the intricacies of my muscles and flexibility. This journey started because I would often injure myself during performances and live shows, unlike the other girls.”

Expressing her concern for disappointing her fans, Jennie admits, “I have felt like a letdown to my fans at times when it seemed like I wasn’t giving my best. But I want to share that I lacked the knowledge and control over my body, and I wasn’t utilizing it the way I should have.”

Jennie further discloses her struggles with performing in heels, stating, “Heels have always been a challenge for me. Being one of the shortest girls in the group, it’s difficult for me to work with heels. My feet aren’t built for them. Even if I feel physically fine, when I’m constantly traveling or dealing with bloated feet, dancing in heels significantly drains my stamina and makes me uncomfortable.”

She bravely expresses her desire to be more transparent with her fans, stating, “I want to share with my fans that I am still in the process of learning about myself. From now on, let me be the one to show who I truly am.”

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