How Expensive is It to Get a Divorce? All You Want to Know

How expensive is it to get a divorce? It is a worrying question for couples planning to separate their lives. Although there are several factors behind it, the answer helps the couples plan several things for the pre and post divorce. The average cost of a divorce in the US is roughly $19,458 per couple. The cost can vary depending on the complexity and the state. It is very important to understand that divorce has multiple kinds of factors involved. It results in a hefty financial burden as well. For those residing in the US, there are different costs involved. To find out about all related expenses, scroll down and check the article.

Types of Divorce

Divorce is a challenging situation. The cost or expenses vary from state to state and especially depend on the type of divorce. To understand the expenses, here are some types of divorces.

  1. Uncontested Divorce is the cheapest type of divorce. In this kind of divorce, the matters of asset division, custody, and support are mutually settled among the couple. In this type, the cost varies from state to state. It is a less expensive type of divorce.
  2. Contested Divorce is the type of divorce in which the parties cannot reach a point of settlement. It is comparatively more expensive than the above, requiring extensive legal intervention. The fees are high as each of the parties has its attorney. The other expenses cover court hearings and prolonged litigation.
  3. Mediated Divorce involves a neutral third party. It helps the divorcing spouses come to an agreement. Therefore, this type of divorce is less costly as there are very limited court appearances and less attorney time. Through mediation, it is possible to address all disputes and settle them at lesser costs as compared to the above two.
  4. Collaborative Divorce is similar to mediation divorce. In this process, the spouses and their attorneys resolve the issues outside the court. As the matters are settled with mutual agreement, therefore the costs are very low.

In each of the above cases the cost of the divorce is different depending on their complexities. The more contentious the divorce is, the higher would be the cost. The other factors affecting the cost include legal fees, mediation sessions, and court expenses. The other factor impacting the cost is the state where it is being filed.

Major Cost Factors that make divorce expenses

Major Cost Factors that make divorce expenses

While looking for divorce, besides the emotional cost, there are some serious costs to pay as well. Here is a list of the costs that you have to pay.

  • Attorney Fees are the first major expense. The attorneys charge by the hour or the region where you live. Generally, the per-hour cost ranges from $150 to over $500 an hour.
  • Court Costs are the fees paid to the court. It also varies from region to region and also depends upon the complexity of the affair. You may have to pay additional fees for extra filings or motions.
  • Mediation Costs are the per-hour costs similar to the fees of the attorneys, but the rates are often very low. They are a cost-effective way to settle the issues, provided it does not drag on and finally lead to a prolonged court battle.
  • Financial Advisor and Accountant Fees are also necessary, especially when the divorce involves dividing assets or dealing with complex financial issues. You will need a financial advisor or an accountant who can help ensure you’re making wise decisions for financial safety and security.

Additional Expenses

Besides the major expenses mentioned above, here are some of the additional costs that couples may have to pay in the process of getting a divorce. These expenses, other than the basic legal fees, are as follows.

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Child Custody Evaluations

It is a costly process. The fees in this regard range from $3,000 to $10,000. These expenses are usually there when there are possible disputes related to the custody and parenting of the children in the family.

Property Appraisals

If the couple owns the property, then they have to sort out the value of shared assets, such as homes and other similar properties. It is made sure that whatever assets they belong to are divided fairly according to market values. The cost of appraisals can vary.

Refinancing Costs

The couple may need refinancing if one of the spouses wants to keep the asset. In this process, a new mortgage is required to buy to buy the other spouse’s share. Loan origination fees, closing costs, and other related expenses come under the refinancing costs.

Therapy and Counseling

The post-divorce expenditure includes the expenses related to professional help for emotional therapy and counseling. The cost varies from problem to problem. Although it increases the financial burden, these expenses are necessary.

How to Reduce Divorce Costs?  

In order to cut down the expenses related to divorce, here are some essential strategies that can help the couple financially.

Choose the Right Divorce Type

To reduce the expenses, you have to start with understanding and choosing the type of divorce that is pocket-friendly and according to your needs. The most cost-effective option for most couples is the uncontested divorce. It is a highly recommended approach if the couple mutually agrees on all divorce terms.

Choose Mediation as an Option

If you are planning for a contested divorce, then mediation can be of great help. A mediator decides who can help the couple in the out-of-court settlement. Mediation helps reduce the cost as it helps smooth post-divorce times. Therefore, it can help more, especially when the kids are involved.

Mediation can be particularly beneficial in contested divorces. A mediator assists both parties in reaching an agreement outside of court, significantly lowering the costs associated with courtroom litigation. Mediation reduces expenses and often results in better post-divorce relationships, which is crucial when children are involved.

Prepare and Cooperate

The more prepared you are, the more financial gains you may enjoy. If you know what you have to do and how you can cooperate, it is definitely possible to reduce the cost. Make sure that you know everything about your financial situation. It is better to look for better professional advice to prevent future financial problems.

If you are a couple heading towards divorce, then you have to be careful about the finances. Try using the above strategies to help yourself in managing the financial aspect of the divorce. This kind of consideration can help you plan a better future where you can move without any unnecessary burdens.

How Can Divorce Impact on Financial Stability?

How Can Divorce Impact on Financial Stability

Managing finances helps determine how it will impact financial stability in the long run. Divorce is not an instance that can cause an instant or short-term effect. It can have a long-lasting impact on financial health, just like it impacts mental and emotional health. Here is how it can have an impact on the economic future of the individuals and the family.

Short-Term Impacts

Divorce results in financial changes ranging from the basic costs to the additional costs. The short-term implications cover legal fees, costs for setting up a new residence, and changes in living standards. It is caused due to split income. In the early days, the major concern of the parties was to take care of the immediate expenses. In addition to this, they have to be extra careful about mortgages, car payments, and childcare.

Long-Term Financial Impacts

The long-term financial impacts are related to the impact of the broken relationship after the divorce. It is associated with credit scores, retirement savings, and overall financial security. The initial impact is a drop in their credit scores, especially if the spouse misuses the joint accounts. Secondly, divorce can have a negative impact on how to pay bills on time. Division of assets, especially retirement savings, can have long-term implications for the long-term financial goals.


Divorce brings a major change in life. It not only affects a spouse’s life but has implications for the financial status. The financial burden increases the complexities of life. It is through this article that we have tried to guide the couples regarding the financial burden through proper understanding and then planning of the whole scenario. Usually, the couple has to pay the direct payments and the additional expenses. These expenses include attorney fees, court costs, counseling costs, etc.

The payments vary from case to case and state to state. The type of divorce also determines the cost. In order to save yourself from the short-term and long-term implications of the breakup, it is better to consult the experts in legal and financial matters. They will help you make informed decisions that can save you from huge losses. Expert advice can minimize divorce expenses and help people plan their post-divorce finances.


How much does it cost to divorce in the US?

The cost of a divorce in the US varies from state to state and type to type. Usually, the average cost of divorce is about $9,969. If the divorce includes child settlement, then the average can rise to $13,828​​.

What is the cheapest state in which to get a divorce?

The least expense of the divorce is expected in the state of Montana. Here, the average cost is less than the national average. Here, the legal fees and the court costs are as low as $6,170​​.

What is the cost of a contested divorce?

A contested divorce is typically more expensive. The cost is high because of its complexities and extended court processes. The national average cost for a contested divorce can be significantly higher than an uncontested divorce​​.

How much does it cost to divorce in Ohio?

In Ohio, the average cost of a divorce is about $9,350. This cost can rise to around $12,695 if children are involved​​.

What is the cost of a simple divorce in Texas?

The cost of a simple divorce in Texas is approximately $11,446. If the divorce involves the children, the divorce can increase to $17,456.

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