Harry’s Hope: Bridging Diana’s Legacy with Meghan

Prince Harry’s heartfelt desire to bridge his late mother’s legacy with Meghan Markle encountered unexpected challenges.

The Duke of Sussex had hoped that Diana’s family, particularly her sisters, would embrace Meghan for their shared qualities.

Journalist Tom Bower unveils these intricate dynamics in his book ‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors.’

Bower recounts how Harry had introduced Meghan to Diana’s sisters, Jane and Sarah, as well as her close friend Julia Samuel, with the expectation that they would recognize parallels between Meghan and his mother.

However, this hope was met with disappointment. Bower writes,

“No one agreed that his vulnerable mother had anything in common with his girlfriend. More discomforting for him, they thought Meghan would not fit in with the Royal Family.”

Even Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, voiced his unease regarding the haste toward marriage. Spencer, who had been married three times, cautioned Harry to reconsider.

This advice, albeit well-intentioned, stirred strong emotions within Harry, leading him to reflect on the uphill battle of establishing Meghan’s place within the intricate fabric of the Royal Family.

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