Harry and Meghan Feel Broken after Recent Snubs and Failures, Says Royal Expert

In a recent revelation, royal expert Angela Levin shared insights into the emotional state of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly feel “very unstable” due to the uncertainty surrounding their prospects after a series of setbacks.

One significant blow the couple faced was their Netflix series, “Harry and Meghan,” failing to make the Emmy Award shortlist.

Despite the show’s eligibility, it was notably missing from the list, leaving the couple disheartened.

Levin expressed her belief that the couple is genuinely concerned about their recent snub, stating, “I think they are really worried. I think not getting on the Emmy’s list has really made them feel very unstable.”

The royal expert also shed light on the long list of failures the couple has experienced, including setbacks with Spotify and Netflix.

She highlighted Meghan’s request to be on the panel that decides the Emmy nominations, indicating the couple’s eagerness to succeed.

Moreover, there are reports that Meghan regrets not thoroughly reviewing Harry’s memoir, “The Spare,” which adds to their current emotional distress.

Ingrid Seward, another royal expert, chimed in on the Emmy snub, bluntly stating that their show was “obviously not good enough for an Emmy nomination.”

The continuous struggles and rapid decision-making of the couple have raised concerns, with Levin noting, “What they want to do seems to change every day, and I think this is typical of people who are much too much in a hurry without thinking things through, and that’s made their life such a mess, I think.”

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