Harry and Meghan Advised to Shift Focus from Scandal-Oriented Approach

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle receive cautionary advice regarding their reliance on a “scandal-first” approach. PR expert Edward Coram-James from Go Up sheds light on the potential pitfalls.

The conversation sparked when Coram-James emphasized the couple’s constant need to leverage scandals to generate media attention.

According to him, the Sussexes have witnessed significant media successes primarily driven by scandal in recent years.

However, he also acknowledges the limitations of this strategy.

Coram-James points out that while people may initially be drawn to scandalous revelations out of voyeuristic curiosity, the couple might have reached a saturation point.

He compares the phenomenon to viewers tuning in to shows like Celebrity Big Brother primarily for the inside scoop on celebrities lives.

Highlighting the public’s fascination with the inner workings of celebrity culture, especially when scandals are involved, the PR expert suggests that the Sussexes might have exhausted the potential of relying solely on scandal-driven narratives.

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