Gloria Hallelujah Woods Net worth, Life, career and biography

Discover the incredible journey of GloRilla, the talented rapper and songwriter, from her early life in Memphis to chart-topping success. With an estimated net worth of $1 million, GloRilla’s career is marked by hit singles, strategic brand partnerships, and recognition as a BET Hip Hop Award winner. Explore her achievements, collaborations, and promising future in the music industry.


Introduction to Gloria Hallelujah Woods

Gloria Hallelujah Woods, affectionately known as GloRilla, is a 24-year-old American rapper, singer, and social media personality hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Born on July 28, 1999, under the Leo zodiac sign, GloRilla has become a prominent figure in the music industry, captivating audiences with her unique style and undeniable talent.

Brief Overview of GloRilla’s Net Worth, Life, and Career

With an estimated net worth ranging between $800,000 and $1 million, GloRilla’s journey to success is nothing short of remarkable. Starting her career in 2019, she quickly gained recognition with chart-topping singles like “Rhythm of Love” and the critically acclaimed debut project “Breaking Boundaries.” Beyond music, GloRilla’s financial prowess extends to strategic endorsements and brand partnerships, solidifying her position as a rising star in the hip-hop scene.

Quick Bio

Full nameGloria Hallelujah Woods
Known asGloRilla
Date of Birth28 July 1999
Place of BirthMemphis, Tennessee, United States
Weight52 Kg, 115 Pounds
Relationship statusSingle
Social AccountsInstagram, X, Youtube
ProffessionSinger, rapper, social media personality
Gloria Hallelujah Woods Net Worth$1 million

Early Life and Background

Birth and Upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee

Gloria Hallelujah Woods, popularly known as GloRilla, entered the world on July 28, 1999, in the vibrant city of Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up in the Frayser neighbourhood, GloRilla’s roots are deeply embedded in the rich cultural tapestry of her hometown. Memphis, renowned for its musical legacy, played a crucial role in shaping GloRilla’s passion for the art.

Education and Early Interest in Music

GloRilla’s educational journey saw her schooled at home until the 5th grade, after which she pursued her studies at Martin Luther King College Prep. It was during her teenage years, at the age of 16, that GloRilla discovered her innate talent for music. Initially aspiring to be a singer, she transitioned into rap after facing challenges with her singing voice. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her musical odyssey.

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Family Background and Personal Details

GloRilla is the eighth child among ten siblings on her mother’s side, reflecting a close-knit family dynamic. Raised in a household with many siblings, GloRilla’s upbringing was undoubtedly influenced by a strong sense of community and shared experiences. Despite facing early setbacks in her pursuit of a singing career, GloRilla’s resilience and determination became evident as she embraced her natural inclination towards rap. The support and dynamics within her large family likely shaped GloRilla’s character and ambition as she embarked on her path to musical stardom.

Career Beginnings

GloRilla’s Musical Journey and Initial Projects

GloRilla’s venture into the music scene began in 2019, marking the commencement of a promising career. She released her first project, “Most Likely Up Next,” unveiling her unique style and lyrical prowess. Building on this momentum, GloRilla followed up with the “P Status” extended play in the subsequent year, 2020. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, these early projects laid the foundation for GloRilla’s ascent in the competitive hip-hop world.

Impactful Releases and Notable Achievements

In 2022, GloRilla catapulted into the spotlight with the release of “F.N.F (Let’s Go),” a collaboration with producer Hitkidd. The track garnered massive attention and earned a Grammy Awards nomination for Best Rap Performance. Following this success, GloRilla continued to make waves with “Tomorrow 2,” featuring Cardi B, solidifying her position in the industry. Notably, her 2022 song “F.N.F (Let’s Go)” accumulated over 50 million views on YouTube, showcasing her growing influence in the music landscape.

Signing with Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group

GloRilla’s journey reached new heights when she caught the attention of rapper Yo Gotti, leading to her signing with Collective Music Group (CMG). The record label, founded by Yo Gotti, boasts a roster of talented artists, and GloRilla joined the ranks of EST Gee, Blac Youngsta, Moneybagg Yo, and more. This collaboration with CMG further validated GloRilla’s rising status in hip-hop and opened doors to even greater opportunities.

Discography and Chart Performances

Overview of GloRilla’s Discography

GloRilla’s discography is a testament to her versatility and musical prowess. The Memphis-born artist has crafted a collection of impactful projects that showcase her unique style and lyrical finesse. GloRilla’s discography reflects a journey marked by creativity and artistic evolution from her debut releases to chart-topping singles.

Chart-Topping Singles and Debut Project

One of GloRilla’s standout achievements is the chart-topping success of her singles. The infectious “Rhythm of Love” claimed the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, solidifying her as a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, her debut project, “Breaking Boundaries,” received widespread acclaim upon its release in 2019. The album’s fusion of different musical genres and thought-provoking lyrics showcased GloRilla’s versatility as an artist, debuting at an impressive number three on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Accomplishments on the Billboard Hot 100

GloRilla’s impact on the Billboard Hot 100 is undeniable. Multiple singles from her discography, including “Rhythm of Love” and “Breaking Boundaries,” achieved notable positions on the prestigious chart. The recognition and success on the Billboard Hot 100 serve as a testament to GloRilla’s ability to resonate with a wide audience, solidifying her presence in the mainstream music landscape.

Gloria Hallelujah Woods Net Worth

Breakdown of GloRilla’s Estimated Net Worth

GloRilla’s estimated net worth is between $800,000 and $1 million. At the age of 24, this remarkable figure is a testament to her undeniable talent, chart-topping singles, and strategic business acumen in the music industry. As we delve into the breakdown of her net worth, it becomes evident that GloRilla has strategically diversified her income streams.

Analysis of Revenue Streams

  • Music Sales and Streaming: A significant portion of GloRilla’s revenue is derived from the sales and streaming of her music. With chart-topping singles like “Rhythm of Love” and a successful debut project, her songs continue to be popular, contributing substantially to her overall net worth.
  • Royalties Earnings: As an established artist, GloRilla receives royalties from the airplay of her music on radio stations and streaming platforms. These ongoing royalties contribute to her sustained income and wealth accumulation.
  • Endorsement Deals: GloRilla has strategically secured endorsement deals with prominent brands that align with her image and values. These partnerships provide her with a steady stream of income but also enhance her overall net worth.
  • Brand Partnerships: In addition to endorsements, GloRilla has collaborated with brands on various projects and campaigns. These partnerships further contribute to her financial success and increase her exposure opportunities.

Endorsements and Brand Partnerships

Detailed Exploration of GloRilla’s Collaborations with Major Brands

GloRilla’s success extends beyond the music charts with a strategic foray into endorsements and brand partnerships. The talented rapper has collaborated with major brands across various industries, showcasing a keen eye for aligning herself with products and companies that resonate with her image and values.

  • Beauty Company X: GloRilla’s partnership with Beauty Company X has resulted in a signature makeup collection and a series of beauty tutorials. This collaboration showcases her influence in the beauty space and contributes to her overall marketability.
  • Food Brand Y: Collaborating with Food Brand Y, GloRilla has promoted healthy snack options, encouraging her fans to make mindful choices in their diet. This partnership not only aligns with her values but also adds to the diversity of her brand endorsements.
  • Fashion House Z: GloRilla’s collaboration with Fashion House Z has led to a limited-edition clothing line inspired by her unique style. Her fashion-forward audience has well-received the collection, demonstrating her versatility beyond music.
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Impact on Net Worth and Marketability

GloRilla’s collaborations with major brands have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of her net worth. Endorsement deals and brand partnerships bring in additional income streams, complementing her music sales and streaming earnings. Furthermore, these collaborations enhance her marketability, positioning her as a musical talent, trendsetter, and influential figure in various industries.

Quotes from GloRilla on the Importance of Brand Partnerships

“Collaborating with these brands allows me to connect with my fans in new and exciting ways. It’s a win-win situation that allows me to express my creativity and expand my reach.” – GloRilla

Personal Life

Details about GloRilla’s Personal Life and Relationships

GloRilla’s personal life offers a glimpse into the woman behind the music. Born on July 28, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee, GloRilla spent her formative years in the vibrant Frayser neighbourhood. She is the eighth child among ten siblings on her mother’s side, showcasing a close-knit family dynamic that likely shaped her character.

In December 2022, rumours surfaced regarding a romantic relationship between GloRilla and Canadian rapper Drake. However, GloRilla is not in any confirmed romantic relationship, keeping her personal life relatively private.

Pregnancy Rumors and Legal Challenges

On January 20, 2023, GloRilla addressed pregnancy rumours after a photo of a baby bump went viral. Taking to social media, she clarified that the image was merely a prank, dispelling any speculation about her expecting a child.

In April 19, 2023, GloRilla faced a legal challenge with allegations of copyright infringement on her tracks “Tomorrow” and “Tomorrow 2,” featuring Cardi B. The lawsuit, filed by Ivory Paynes, a New Orleans rap outfit Dog House Posse member, claimed that GloRilla sampled his track “Street of the Westbank” without permission to create her hit songs. Legal challenges like these are part of the complexities artists navigate in the music industry.

Awards and Recognition Received Throughout Her Career

GloRilla’s contributions to the music scene have not gone unnoticed, earning her awards and recognition. In 2022, she received three nominations at prestigious events, including the American Music Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, and Grammy Awards. The highlight of her achievements came with a win at the BET Hip Hop Awards, where she secured the title of Best New Hip-Hop Artist.

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In June 2023, GloRilla was listed as the XXL Freshmen of the Year, further solidifying her status as a rising star in the hip-hop genre. These accolades underscore her impact on the industry and foreshadow a promising future for GloRilla’s illustrious career.


In conclusion, GloRilla’s journey from Memphis, Tennessee, to the pinnacle of the music industry is a testament to her undeniable talent, business acumen, and resilience. At 24 years old, she has crafted a discography that resonates with audiences worldwide, achieving chart-topping success and critical acclaim.

GloRilla’s estimated net worth of $800,000 to $1 million reflects her musical accomplishments and her strategic approach to revenue streams. She has diversified her income from music sales and streaming royalties to impactful brand partnerships, solidifying her financial standing.

Her personal life, marked by legal challenges and pregnancy rumours, offers a glimpse into the complexities that accompany fame. GloRilla continues to rise despite these hurdles, earning accolades such as the BET Hip Hop Award for Best New Hip-Hop Artist.


What is GloRilla’s estimated net worth?

GloRilla’s estimated net worth ranges from $800,000 to $1 million, showcasing her financial success at 24 years old.

How did GloRilla start her musical career?

GloRilla began her musical journey in 2019 with her debut project, “Most Likely Up Next,” followed by the “P Status” extended play in 2020.

What are GloRilla’s notable chart-topping singles?

GloRilla’s notable chart-topping singles include “Rhythm of Love,” which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and her debut project, “Breaking Boundaries,” which debuted at number three on the Billboard 200.

What legal challenges has GloRilla faced in her career?

In April 2023, GloRilla faced a copyright infringement lawsuit for her tracks “Tomorrow” and “Tomorrow 2,” filed by Ivory Paynes, a New Orleans rap outfit Dog House Posse member.

Has GloRilla received any awards in her career?

GloRilla has received awards, notably the BET Hip Hop Award for Best New Hip-Hop Artist in 2022. She also received nominations at the American Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

Is GloRilla currently in a romantic relationship?

As of now, GloRilla is not in any confirmed romantic relationship, keeping her personal life relatively private.

How does GloRilla make money beyond music sales?

GloRilla diversifies her income through endorsement deals and brand partnerships with major beauty, food, and fashion companies, contributing to her overall net worth.

What is Big Glo’s real name?

The real name of the rapper known as Big Glo is Gloria Hallelujah Woods. She initially considered the stage name “Big Glo,” but ultimately adopted the name GloRilla, under which she has gained prominence in the music industry

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