G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun Questioned by Police in Drug Scandal Investigation

In a recent turn of events, former BIGBANG frontman G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji-Yong, found himself reporting to the police for questioning regarding accusations of illegal drug use.

The 35-year-old singer appeared at an Incheon police station on a Monday, facing allegations that have sent shockwaves through the South Korean entertainment industry.

Notably, G-Dragon’s interrogation was not an isolated incident, as it coincided with Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun facing similar accusations and questioning. Both G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun firmly denied any involvement in illegal drug activities.

G-Dragon spent approximately four hours with investigators, providing a negative drug test result. Emerging from the police station, he addressed the media, maintaining his innocence and stressing his full cooperation with the ongoing inquiry.

These developments come in the wake of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s vigorous crackdown on narcotics cases, which has led to the arrests of several high-profile figures in recent months.

The entertainment industry has been particularly affected, with G-Dragon’s case being the latest high-profile instance.

BIGBANG, the iconic K-pop group that G-Dragon was part of, rose to fame after their debut in 2006, becoming a dominant force in the K-pop scene.

However, over the years, its members have ventured into successful solo careers, each pursuing their artistic paths.

The controversy doesn’t end there, as recent reports have also implicated members of the world-famous K-pop band BTS in the ongoing drug case. Allegations suggest that some BTS members frequented a hostess bar connected to the drug controversy.

In response to these claims, BTS’s label, HYBE, released stern statements warning of legal action against those spreading “baseless” rumours about the band’s members.

In an October statement, HYBE declared, “We want to make it unequivocally clear that the rumors surrounding our artists and a specific location in downtown Seoul, alleged to be associated with illegal substances, are entirely baseless. BTS members have no knowledge of the location in question and have never visited the infamous bar.

The statement further emphasized HYBE’s zero-tolerance policy for the dissemination of false information and defamation, with the company actively pursuing both civil and criminal legal actions against individuals spreading false claims about their artists.

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