Fans Outraged by Variety’s Controversial Interview with BTS’ Jungkook

In K-pop, BTS is a global sensation, captivating millions of fans worldwide.

However, the recent interview between Variety and BTS member Jungkook has caused quite a stir among devoted fans.

Unsettling questions and language barriers have left fans disappointed and outraged.

From the outset, the interview sparked discontent when Variety disclosed the use of a translator, seemingly emphasizing the group’s “language issues” stemming from Korean being their mother tongue.

This framing irked fans, who felt it undermined the members’ proficiency and global achievements.

Furthermore, the questions posed during the interview drew heavy criticism from fans.

Some insinuated that fans fixated on specific BTS members and suggested that Jungkook’s solo debut would ride on the coattails of his fellow groupmates’ successful ventures.

Adding fuel to the fire, the interviewer even delved into the “sexual” lyrics in Jungkook’s song “Seven” by Latto.

Social media became the battleground for fans to voice their displeasure.

 One fan expressed their frustration, stating, “Did the Variety interviewer really try to suggest that Jimin and Jungkook aren’t friends, threw in a racially-charged question about Latto, and disrespected Jungkook because of the language barrier?”

Another fan called out the interview’s attempt to manipulate Jungkook into labeling BTS’ success as inauthentic and driven by streaming bots, urging them to appreciate the group’s talent and music instead.

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