Expert Warns Prince William and Kate: Forgiving Harry and Meghan Could Lead to More Harm

Amidst the ongoing speculations about a potential reconciliation between the royal family members, an expert has raised a cautionary flag.

Royal commentator Tom Bower urges Prince William and Kate Middleton not to extend forgiveness to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, suggesting that such a gesture might invite more harm than healing.

As calls for a patch-up resonate, Bower’s perspective is a reminder of the complexities entwined within the royal family dynamics. He asserts,

“They can only do them harm. Harry and Meghan have only said awful things about William and Kate. Why on earth should William and Kate forgive them?”

Bower, known for his insights into royal matters, foresees a worrisome pattern. He believes that if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose to forgive the Californian Royals, it might be exploited by the latter to lash out once again.

Highlighting the seemingly self-centered approach of Harry and Meghan, Bower states, “They’re so selfish, Harry and Meghan. They only think of themselves. They only think of how they have been harmed.”

He draws attention to the duo’s actions, such as their revelations to Oprah Winfrey and the content of Prince Harry’s book, “Spare.”

Bower finds their behavior “shocking” and challenges the notion of easily forgetting or forgiving their actions.

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