Expert Warns Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Risky Move to Malibu

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent home purchase in Malibu is facing criticism and concern from security expert Kent Moyer, CEO of the Beverly Hills-based World Protection Group.

Moyer warns that the couple’s move to Malibu could make them “sitting ducks” and expose them to more significant risks than their current Montecito residence.

In an interview with The Express, Moyer highlights the potential dangers the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may face in their new location.

He points out that Malibu’s high-profile environment will attract even more paparazzi and intruders, potentially compromising their safety and privacy.

Moreover, Moyer expresses alarm over the risk of a terrorist attack or kidnap attempt on the couple and their family, especially given Prince Harry’s recent revelations about his military service in his book, “Spare.”

The detailed account of his time in Afghanistan may make them vulnerable targets.

Comparing the two properties, Moyer explains that Malibu’s location and accessibility make it less secure than their Montecito mansion, a local landmark with restricted access.

In Malibu, their names are openly recorded in public property ownership records, making them easily traceable.

The security expert also points out that Malibu’s main access road, Pacific Coast Highway, poses challenges during winter with mudslides and landslides, potentially hindering escape plans in an emergency.

Moyer advises the royal couple to take more precautions to protect their safety.

He suggests forming anonymous-sounding companies to purchase properties, making them less visible and traceable.

Furthermore, he recommends minimizing public appearances and revealing their whereabouts only during official events to reduce their exposure as high-profile targets.

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