Expert Warns Meghan Markle Against Instagram Return: ‘American’ Approach Could Backfire

Meghan Markle has been advised against making a potential return to Instagram in a manner that resembles American celebrity behavior.

The Duchess of Sussex hinted at a recent comeback to the social media platform through a viral photo, but experts believe such a move might not be well-received.

Edward Coram-James, the CEO at GoUp, shared his insights with, explaining why such a decision could mislead Meghan.

Coram-James emphasized that a British royal adopting a commercial approach and behaving like an American reality TV star could exacerbate public discontent.

He stated,

“Reputationally, reopening Instagram is yet another bad move in a long line of bad moves.”

The expert underlined that unless Meghan’s Instagram usage is solely dedicated to charitable work without personal publicity or commercial motives, her posts could lead to accusations of hypocrisy and attention-seeking behavior.

Moreover, her actions might be seen as disrespectful to cultural traditions and her royal position.

Coram-James acknowledged that while Meghan might be aware of these potential consequences, practical considerations could influence her decision.

He explained that the responsibility of caring for a young family might sometimes take precedence over personal pride, leading individuals to make pragmatic choices rather than strictly adhering to what is deemed right.

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