Doria Ragland’s Rebellious Tattoo: A Meaningful Floral Design for Meghan Markle’s Mom

Doria Ragland, the mother of Meghan Markle, made a stylish appearance in Beverly Hills, displaying a new and meaningful arm tattoo.

The 66-year-old yoga expert looked radiant in a stunning red jumpsuit, defying her age with grace and charm.

The tattoo, a floral design, holds a special significance about her royal daughter. Speaking to Pose star Michaela Jae Rodriguez, Meghan revealed that her mother still affectionately calls her by her childhood nickname, Flower.

In good humor, Meghan jokingly remarked, “I’ll be a 41-year-old Flower. That’s fine.”

While the exact flowers in the tattoo remain undisclosed, some speculate that one might be a lily, serving as a sweet tribute to Doria’s granddaughter, Lilibet.

Notably, Doria reportedly got the tattoo in her sixties, exemplifying her rebellious spirit and actual icon status.

Living in the View Park-Windsor Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, Doria regularly visits her daughter Meghan, Prince Harry, and her grandchildren at their Montecito home, just two hours away.

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