Debunking the Buzz: Anti-Monarchy Group Rejects £1 Billion Economic Boost from King Charles’ Coronation

An uproar in the realm of Monarchy! The fervent anti-monarchy group, Republic, has swiftly countered claims that the recent coronation of King Charles bestowed a staggering £1 billion economic boon upon the United Kingdom.

These claims originated from a tweet by ‘Royalinstablog,’ asserting that the coronation brought this monumental financial windfall.

“Where are the Republican people?” the tweet questioned. “Show us a political figure capable of such an economic feat. The Royal Family stands as the beacon of Brand Britain.”

However, Republic’s CEO, Graham Smith, threw cold water on this roaring flame of speculation. He vehemently branded these assertions as utterly false. “This isn’t true. At all,” he remarked, firmly extinguishing the notion.

But that’s not all. The group also shot down the claims of royal expert Angela Levin, a well-known critic of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Levin asserted that the Monarchy would contribute a staggering £958 million boost to the UK economy this year alone.

Republic didn’t hold back, firing at royalists for concocting such groundless tales to legitimize the institution on the shaky grounds of profit.

The plot thickens as Republic launches a fresh campaign against King Charles, Prince William, and other royal family members.

This bold move comes in response to reports suggesting the British government plans to bolster King Charles and his royal family’s coffers by a jaw-dropping 45%, reaching a princely sum of £125 million by 2025.

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