Dark Family History: Queen Camilla’s Grandfather’s Troubling Past

Unearthing a chapter of history veiled in shadows, the tumultuous past of Queen Consort Camilla’s grandfather, Bruce Shand, comes to light.

The son of writer Philip Morton Shand and his first wife Edith Marguerite Tippet, Bruce’s dark deeds cast a haunting shadow over his lineage.

The Mail on Sunday’s revelation paints a grim picture of Bruce Shand’s history. During a time when his wife was pregnant and expecting their first child, he subjected her to a shocking act of violence.

The publication recounts the incident, stating that “The said Philip Morton Shand violently assaulted [his wife] by dragging her by her arms out of bed into a spare room in her night-dress, bruising her breast and knees and knocking her head, as a result of which [she] fainted.”

The brutality of this act becomes even more unsettling because Edith is carrying their child.

Consequently, due to her condition, she was advised by a doctor to leave her marital home and seek refuge at Philip Shand’s father’s residence in Edwardes Place.

In 1919, Edith initiated divorce proceedings and courageously shared the details of the assault. This historic account resurfaces as a poignant reminder of the resilience of individuals facing adversity within the constraints of their times.

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