Can Prince Harry Take a Page from Kim Kardashian’s Book to Win His High Court Case?

In a compelling piece for, royal commentator Daniela Elser explores whether Prince Harry can ever find peace and success in his ongoing High Court case.

Elser recommends a rather unconventional approach to bolster his chances – pulling a page out of Kim Kardashian’s playbook.

Elser delves into the complexities of Harry’s legal battle against the Mirror Group Newspapers, with a ruling expected later this year and the trial set for January.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding the case’s outcome, the expert poses a crucial query: Can Harry ever find true peace amidst the ongoing legal battles and media scrutiny?

Drawing inspiration from Kim Kardashian, renowned for her legal advocacy work, Elser suggests that Harry might benefit from studying law himself.

By doing so, he could save significant legal fees and potentially find a new career path.

The comparison between Prince Harry and Kim Kardashian’s legal endeavors sparks intrigue and conversation as readers ponder whether this alternative route could lead to a favorable outcome in court and, ultimately, bring peace to the Duke of Sussex.

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