Campaign Against Royal Family’s Funding Surge Gains Momentum

A fresh wave of opposition has surged as the anti-monarchy organization Republic rolls out an impactful campaign against the royal family’s financial support, spotlighting King Charles, Prince William, and other members.

This vigorous movement follows reports of a whopping 45% boost in the annual grant for King Charles and the royals, projecting a staggering £125 million by 2025.

The driving force behind this campaign stems from the British government’s purported intentions to bolster the financial backing of the royal family.

Republic took to Twitter, galvanizing its supporters to reach out to their Members of Parliament (MPs) to voice their concerns about the proposed hike in the Sovereign Grant and advocate for the dismantling of the grant system altogether.

In a tweet resonating with urgency, Republic stated, “In the last hour alone, over 750 individuals have messaged their MPs, urging them to address the £45 million increase in the sovereign grant. Engage with our user-friendly form to reach out to your MP, regardless of their stance on the monarchy. #AbolishTheMonarchy.”

British newspaper The Guardian highlights the intricacies of the royal financial structure.

The sovereign grant, which constitutes the annual budget for the royal family, is intricately linked to profits derived from the crown estate—an expansive national property portfolio.

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