Buckingham Palace’s Role in Harry and Meghan’s Exit: The Missing Happy Ending

The shocking departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from royal life has once again put Buckingham Palace under scrutiny.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser explores how the palace’s “inertia” may have played a pivotal role in the couple’s decision to leave their royal duties.

Elser references author Valentine Low’s insights, highlighting the signs of trouble in the royal family about a year before the Sussexes’ departure.

The lack of effective leadership in handling the situation led to a festering divide between Prince Harry and the palace staff.

According to Low, no one person addressed the problem, and tensions escalated between Harry, Meghan, and the palace officials.

This lack of effective communication and action may have contributed to the explosive announcement by the Sussexes in January 2020, where they declared their departure from full-time royal duties.

Elser questions how Harry ended up in LA, away from the paradisiacal life he had once envisioned.

If handled differently, the situation could have had a more positive outcome, and the couple might still have chosen to leave, but with a sense of resolution and understanding.

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