Body Language Expert Detects Shift in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Relationship

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unite at the Invictus Games in Germany, where smiles and cheerful appearances adorn their public façade, a perceptive body language expert has discerned an intriguing clue that hints at shifts in their relationship dynamics.

Over the years, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have shared a captivating display of affection and closeness, stunning onlookers with their seemingly unbreakable bond.

However, expert Darren Stanton has offered a different perspective, suggesting that their marital connection has “evolved beneath the surface.”

Darren Stanton, known for deciphering non-verbal cues, has noticed a reduction in certain “power gestures” from Meghan towards Harry during recent appearances.

These gestures, which included Meghan placing her hand on Harry’s back or gently guiding him by his elbow, were subtle demonstrations of her assertiveness or influence.

Stanton elaborated,

“I did notice that there has been a decrease in power gestures from Meghan towards Harry.”

Meghan’s actions often signalled a guiding or protective role in earlier times. However, in recent months, the frequency of such gestures has significantly diminished, indicating a transformation in their relationship dynamics.

The expert’s observations have ignited curiosity, especially in the context of persistent rumours regarding the state of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage.

Speculation about their relationship possibly heading towards divorce, just five years after their wedding, continues circulating.

Adding fuel to these speculations, keen observers noted that Meghan has appeared without her wedding ring during her recent public appearances, including those at the Invictus Games.

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