Ben Affleck Embraces Wisdom in “The Flash”

In a recent interview with Variety, Ben Affleck, known for his portrayal of Batman in the DC Extended Universe, shared his thoughts on reprising the iconic role in the upcoming film “The Flash,” where Ezra Miller takes the lead as Barry Allen, also known as The Flash.

Affleck expressed his satisfaction in playing a more experienced and wise character, highlighting the joy of imparting wisdom to younger characters within the narrative.

Reflecting on his life experiences, the actor emphasized the value he has found in passing on knowledge, making this aspect of the role particularly rewarding.

It was nice to play a wiser character with something to impart on younger characters,” Affleck stated, underscoring his personal growth and the lessons he has learned along his journey.

Bringing this newfound wisdom to the role allowed him to delve deeper into the character’s essence and enrich the storytelling process.

Affleck also spoke warmly about his rapport with Ezra Miller, praising the talented actor and expressing his excitement to witness Miller’s interpretation of the character.

Affleck described Miller as “a great guy” and looked forward to seeing how he would bring his unique perspective and talent to the role of Barry Allen/The Flash.

As anticipation builds for “The Flash,” fans eagerly anticipate Affleck’s return as Batman and the new dynamics he brings to the story.

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