Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez caught in tense convo before red carpet fight

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have made headlines since they rekindled their romance.

Their fans are excited to see the iconic couple back together, and many eagerly anticipate their upcoming movie, “The Reunion.”

However, it seems like there may be some tension brewing between the two stars.

According to sources, Ben and JLo were caught in a tense conversation before their red-carpet fight at “The Reunion” premiere.

Witnesses say the couple seemed to be arguing about something, and the tension was palpable. While it’s unclear what they were discussing, it was serious.

Despite their heated conversation, Ben and JLo put on a united front when they hit the red carpet.

They smiled and posed for photos together, but their tension was still apparent. Fans couldn’t help but wonder what could have caused the argument.

Some speculate that the argument could be related to their busy schedules. Both Ben and JLo are incredibly busy with their respective projects, and their hectic schedules may be taking a toll on their relationship.

Others believe the argument could relate to personal issues, such as trust or jealousy.

As of now, neither Ben nor JLo has commented on the incident. Whether the couple has resolved their issues or is still at odds is unclear.

However, one thing is sure: their fans will be watching closely to see what happens next.

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