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And Just Like That Season2 Episode 4 Recap

The highly anticipated second season of “And Just Like That…” made its return, delivering a mixed bag in the fourth episode titled “Tradition.”

The episode begins with Carrie and Miranda attending a shiva, leading to some hilariously awkward moments.

However, they also connect with Charlotte’s friend, Nya, a single mother, forging a bond.

Charlotte grapples with her daughter Lily growing up, as Lily wants to go to a sleepover. While hesitant, Charlotte eventually agrees, albeit with some lingering unease.

Miranda’s new love interest, Che Diaz, a witty non-binary comedian, shines in memorable moments.

They play a crucial role in helping Miranda come out to her parents, a significant milestone for her.

Overall, “Tradition” delivers a solid episode filled with humor, warmth, and standout performances.

Yet, some viewers may notice certain storylines being revisited, leading to a sense of familiar territory.

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