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Amanda Seyfried Shares Experience of Working with Husband on “The Crowded Room”

In an exciting revelation, Amanda Seyfried, the talented actress, delves into her experience of collaborating with her husband, Thomas Sadoski, on the highly anticipated Apple TV+ series “The Crowded Room.”

As a married couple since 2017, Seyfried and Sadoski portray the lead characters in the show, based on the true story of Billy Milligan, the first person acquitted of a crime due to dissociative identity disorder.

During an interview with Geo. tv, Seyfried expressed how comforting it was to have Sadoski on set, especially in the early stages when she felt insecure. She shared,

“I felt like it was always nice to check in with him and see if I was doing a good job.”

Although not present on set every day, Sadoski emphasized that it was enjoyable to join the production and observed that it provided a breath of fresh air for Seyfried amidst the intense and weighty scenes she shared with her co-star, Tom Holland. He added,

“I think it worked out really well for both of us.”

“The Crowded Room,” a series highly anticipated by fans, is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on July 15.

As the couple brings their on- and off-screen chemistry to the show, viewers can look forward to an engaging and captivating portrayal of Billy Milligan’s remarkable story.

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