Allegations Surface of Meghan Markle Using Multiple Social Media Accounts

In a recent video, British journalist Neil Sean made bold allegations about Meghan Markle, suggesting she possesses over 12 social media accounts.

Sean received this information from a former Archwell employee, the production company co-founded by Meghan and Prince Harry.

Sean claimed that these accounts serve as a means for Meghan to counter negative stories surrounding her by planting positive narratives and sharing pro-Meghan messages.

While these claims lack independent verification, it is not the first time rumors have circulated about Meghan’s secretive use of social media platforms.

In 2020, The Sun reported on Meghan allegedly managing a secret Twitter account to monitor her public image.

The account was said to engage by “liking” and “retweeting” positive stories while “blocking” negative ones.

Meghan denied allegations of using social media under pseudonyms, yet she has not addressed Sean’s recent claim.

If Neil Sean’s assertion holds, it would raise questions regarding Meghan’s social media practices and prompt a discussion on the ethical implications of utilizing these platforms to shape one’s public image.

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